Monday, January 14, 2013

Poem Jealousy

In the Night
"Day burns down to night,
Burns the edge of my soul.
In the night I break into sparks of suns,
And become fire’s end, the dust of bones…
Night knifes my breath
Swallows whole my tongue,
Turn back, reverse, return.
In the night, I see
The real concealed in the day’s bright lie.
Eyes stitched shut, white teeth smile.
Sleep walks, and talks,
And feet mark time to the drumless beat." 
FROM the movie "The Invisible"
I am really jealous of this poem, It is from the movie "The invisible" i could not find a author for the poem

The reason I'm so jealous of this poem is because of how it is written, like " night knives my breath" i Love that, and not just that every line i love, This is my Favorite Poem of all time, and This is how i try to write.

Whenever i read the poem I get a different idea of what it means, I guess it means something different every time time i read it, because of how i am feeling or whatever mood i am in, and i think that is one of the reasons why i love this poem so much.

my eyes stare out the window
looking for thieves
sheets cover my body
hiding me from the world
I'm a boy scared of what lies past my window 
scared of the world and whats out there
the world is a thief after my identity 
I cower inside hiding my personality
no one will know, who i am 
or who i will ever be
I am a secret 
my rooms thoughts and sayings

 Hey room why are you such a mess..
Why is everything broken and and ripped to pieces.... 
why would you do this to yourself room????
you had so much potential
now look at you... 

Why? because i represent everything inside of you, and you treat me like crap
I'm you
I'm everything about you
You show your emotions threw me 
I speak for you 
I show the world how you feel
and whats going on inside
no one to blame but yourself

all of the above

 run between earth
forming routes and exits 
leave a trial of your history
and what you want them to remember
let them know of your past and how you handled it
how you left nothing but tears and anger
arm yourself with sadness 
and let them see your sobbing face
tomorrow is your ally 
live on forever


STEP 1.   Watch How to video

STEP 2.    Learn Nothing 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bright light roles toward you i cant sustain

the strength. playing a good scheme you

act kind and appealing